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Our warehouse located in Surrey contains a showroom with a large selection of new and used commercial refrigeration equipment. When you walk into our facility, you will be greeted with friendly and motivated staff willing to help you find just the right type of equipment for your store design. Our showroom includes items such as Dairy Coolers, Produce Coolers, Walk-in Coolers/Freezers, Display Cases, Meat/Deli/Seafood Coolers, Bakery Display Cases and Glass Door-Reach-in Freezers/Coolers on display to help you make an informed decision.

Meat/Deli/Seafood/Bakery Display Coolers

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Best Service

Our mission is to attract and retain customers by providing Best in Class refrigeration solutions and fostering a profitable, discipilned culture of safety , service, and trust.


We have established a strong presence in the food industry. Our award-winning service eam a reputation for quality and excellence that few can rival.

Safety & Security

Safety for employees, customers and motoring public will always remain our primary focus in all the policies, procedures and programs that govem our business.


We need two types of refrigeration service. Supplier for new or replacement equipment and maintenance for those times when equipment fails. In both categories, PK Food Equipment excels.

PK Food Equipment have supplied the majority, if not all my new equipment. It is not just the price that awards them my loyalty, but the attitude of the two main principals-Sam Lu- Super Grocer, Richmond BC.